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The Kasturi Shikshan Sanstha, College of Arts, Commerce and Science have a well-equipped and spacious library. Almost all the basic and seminal books are available in the library. Most of the books are in Marathi, Hindi, and English.

  • Issue & Return of the Books and other Reading Material.

The issuing of books, periodicals and other reading material from the library and return of it is subject to the following rules-

1. Books will be issued only after depositing valid library card. Late fee of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged for the returning of the book.

2. The identity-card & library-card will not be issued after the period of one month from the date of admission.

3. If students borrow reading material for 24 hours, the failure to return will lead to penalty.

4. No reference book, periodical or reading material will be issued at home.

5. While borrowing books, students must ensure that it is in good condition and no page of it is turned or disappeared.

6. If a student wants book of particular author or book which is already issued to other, he may place his demand of claims with the Librarian in the prescribed form. Such book will be issued on the basis of priority of time.

7. If any book is lost student should replace the copy of the book or should pay three times more the original price of the book.

8. If a student loses his original identity card/library card student must use his/her I card/Lib. Card. If intended to use others cards those cards will be cancelled.


Discipline in the Reading Room:

1. The admission to outside reader is subject to the permission of the Principal.

2. Disturbances of any kind will not be tolerated and no crowd is permitted either in the reading room or at the counter or in the corridor.

3. Ex-students can use the reading room with the prior permission of the Principal.

4. Breach of above rules will invite a heavy penalty to be imposed by the Principal on the recommendation of the Librarian.

Refund of Library Deposit: -

The amount of deposit in the home lending scheme is refundable which is subject of the following rules-

1. Student securing admission to any course, he/she will have to pay library deposit compulsory. While availing home lending facilities, the student is also required to pay library deposit. These deposits are refundable subject to the University rules.

2. A bonafide student of this college is entitled to claim for refund of deposit after She/he ceases to be a student of college.

3. This claim must be made in a prescribed from, along with original receipt.

4. At the time of refund, his identity card, library card will be cancelled by the librarian which are to be enclosed along with the application form.

5. If the claim for refund of deposit is not made within one year after he ceased to be a student of the college, the deposit shall stand forfeited.

6. Refund of deposit can only be made by producing the original receipt i.e. Challan.