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Welcome To College of Education, Shikrapur


The Kasturi Shikshan Sanstha College of Education is affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University. Building on its tradition of excellence, the College offers a well developed and modern program in education. The drugs & Pharma industry is a multibillion-dollar business. In the rapidly changing global scenario and the implementation of GATT & TRIPS in India, it will be only a matter of couple of years that the pharmaceutical industry and professionals will play a vital role in shaping up our national economy. This new decade is thus, bound to have an ever growing demand of pharmacy professionals not only in the country, but even worldwide. Anticipating this demand and to enlighten rays of globalization in rural area the visionary president of Kasturi Shikshan Sanstha, Dr. Panditrao Palande put the wheels in motion that brought about the existence.College of Arts, Commerce and Science in inculcating values and morals, meticulously and imparting education in every field. The college has ultramodern infrastructure and qualified experienced faculty, well equipped laboratories and well stocked library including E-library. In order to meet global challenges of ever changing demands of the industry. The College provides additional motivational lectures by experts in the field and also seminars, conference and workshops from time to time to keep the students abreast with recent changes in the curriculum. The college provides professional learning opportunities through classroom teaching and practical training sessions. In addition they have hands on training on various aspects like personality development, Skill development, Communication skills and Computer skills etc. The student is the nuclei of the college and hence all the activities, academic and extracurricular revolves around the development and enhancement of the students.


Our Mission

“To provide education on need based aspects which there will center to the society in general and being students centric. It will add to their working potential in future for their livelihood. ”

Our Vision

“TCreate a knowledge based society where world class education is available to each an every member of the society irrespective of class, caste and creed or economic or social status.”

  • To emerge as a leading center
  • To impart quality Higher Education
  • To offer Research and Consultancy
  • To conduct professional training
  • To undertake societal transformation

Aim and objectives:

 Our institution works on the following goals and objectives for achieving the mission.

  • To impart value based education
  • To prepare competent and committed teachers
  • To prepare teacher educators
  • To prepare efficient administrators
  • To prepare researchers
  • To ensure the overall development of teacher trainees
  • To develop sensitivity towards emerging issues like environment, population, education, gender equality and legal literacy
  • To promote inclusive education
  • To develop awareness and attitude towards global trends in education
  • To develop soft skills and life skills
  • To develop culture in teachers trainees and enable them to become I.T. savvy


Team Work
Moral and Ethical
Mutual Trust
Dignity of Labour